Car accidents in Arizona continue to be a significant concern, with a notable impact on public safety and well-being. If you have been involved in an auto accident, you will need an experienced and passionate car accidents lawyer. At Eos Law, we will help you recover the true cost of all your damages. Contact us today at (602) 825-3770 for more information. 

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation’s latest Crash Facts Summary, there were approximately 120,000 total crashes reported in 2022. These accidents resulted in over 1,000 fatalities and more than 35,000 injuries across the state. The statistics demonstrate the importance of ongoing efforts to improve road safety and reduce the frequency and severity of car accidents in Arizona.

Car Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Car Accidents Lawyer Near Me
Car Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Car Accidents Lawyer Near Me

Several factors contribute to car accidents in Arizona, including speeding, distracted driving, impaired driving, and failure to obey traffic laws. Speeding-related crashes accounted for over 16% of the total crashes, impaired driving was about 14%, and failing to yield was about 9%. Other factors included following too closely, disregarding traffic signals, and unsafe lane changes. 

To address these concerns, law enforcement agencies, traffic safety organizations, and government authorities continually engage in advocacy, public education campaigns, and enforcement initiatives. These efforts aim to raise awareness, promote responsible driving behavior, and enhance traffic laws enforcement to ensure a safer driving environment for everyone in Arizona. 

Institutes such as the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety work towards initiatives like promoting seat belt use, discouraging impaired and distracted driving, and advocating for better infrastructure and traffic management systems to improve overall road safety in the state. Safety measures are extremely important, but accidents continue to happen and our car accidents lawyer will continue to represent those individuals. 

Negligent Drivers

If you have been involved in an accident, Eos Law’s car accidents lawyer will help you pursue your legal claim. Car accidents are a leading cause of death and catastrophic injuries in the United States, with an average of 6 million accidents each year and 3 million deaths. 

Driver negligence is often the cause of these accidents and the result is major injuries. When that occurs, it can destroy a victims’ way of life, preventing them from being able to earn a living or support their family. 

Car Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Car Accidents Lawyer Near Me
Car Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Car Accidents Lawyer Near Me

Car accidents involving negligent drivers often result in the driver’s insurance company trying to blame the victim. Then they may try to avoid paying compensation. Strategies we may pursue include an accident reconstruction specialist, seeking out footage from traffic or private cameras, talking to witnesses, and more. Our goal is to prove negligence and get you compensation that allows you to move forward.  

Fortunately, Arizona negligence laws follow the doctrine of comparative negligence, which means a victim’s recovery for damages will be reduced by the percentage of fault attributable to them. The legal team at Eos Law consists of our car accidents lawyer, who is skilled at navigating the legal system and who is committed to getting you results.  

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Arizona car accident victims are entitled to various types of compensation, and without an experienced and reputable car accidents lawyer, the process can be complicated. Insurance companies often take advantage of victims who do not hire a lawyer because they don’t know their rights or how to pursue them. 

Our car accidents lawyer can help you pursue true compensation. You may need to cover medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and medicines/prescriptions. If you are out of work, lost wages may also be covered. In addition, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, which can complicate your life in the short and long term. 

Car Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Car Accidents Lawyer Near Me
Car Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Car Accidents Lawyer Near Me

The car accident attorneys at Eos Law have successfully handled many cases in the Arizona area. Personal injury cases can be complicated when they are a result of a car accident. However,  Arizona’s top car accident attorneys from Eos Law can help you navigate the process with ease and will get you remarkable results. Contact us today.