Motorcycle accidents pose significant risks to riders in Arizona, as well as to other road users. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were over 2,600 motorcycle accidents in the state in 2021, resulting in 160 fatalities and thousands of injuries. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, you may have a personal injury claim. At Eos Law, our motorcycle accidents lawyer has the experience and determination to get you the compensation you deserve. Call (602) 825-3770 today for a free consultation. 

Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer Near Me
Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer Near Me

Due to the lack of physical protection for riders, motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries such as fractures, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and road rash. These injuries can have long-lasting physical, emotional, and financial impacts on the victims and their families.

Several factors contribute to motorcycle accidents in Arizona. One key factor is the higher vulnerability of motorcycles compared to other vehicles, as they are smaller and less visible on the road. Additionally, factors such as speeding, alcohol impairment, distracted driving, and failure to yield the right of way can significantly increase the risk of motorcycle accidents. 

Arizona has specific laws and regulations related to motorcycle operation, including the requirement for riders and passengers to wear helmets and follow traffic laws. However, despite these measures, motorcycle accidents continue to occur. To mitigate the risks, both motorcyclists and other road users must be vigilant, follow traffic laws, and maintain awareness of their surroundings to prevent collisions and promote safer road sharing.

Motorcycle accidents can have serious consequences for those involved. If you or your loved one have been injured, contact the motorcycle accidents lawyer at Eos Law. Our commitment to pursuing justice on behalf of our clients has resulted in rewards that have allowed our clients to move forward and have brighter futures. 

Why motorcycle accidents are so dangerous

Motorcycle accidents are more dangerous for the drivers and passengers than those in passenger vehicles or trucks. The driver and rider are more exposed and even when they use proper safety gear, there’s an increased risk of injury or death.  

In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to be killed in a traffic accident than those in passenger vehicles. In addition, a 2021 report from the NHTSA shows that although motorcycles make up only 3% of registered vehicles, they account for 14% of traffic fatalities. There were also about 82,686 motorcyclists injured, which is an increase from 202. And, when a motorcycle collides with another vehicle, those are more likely to be fatal.

Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer Near Me
Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer Near Me

Of course there are a range of injuries that can occur from these types of accidents. From broken bones and road rash to traumatic brain injuries, disfigurement, spinal cord injuries and other serious medical conditions, these types of accidents have dangerous consequences. Beyond the physical injuries, wrongful death and psychological damage can occur. 

Whatever the circumstance, you need a motorcycle accidents lawyer that will fight for you. At Eos Law we will do a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the accident. We will put together a clear and winnable strategy. And, we will make sure you are fairly compensated for any short and long term injuries you are suffering.  

Contact our motorcycle accidents lawyer for a free consultation

There are many causes of motorcycle accidents in Arizona and as your motorcycle accidents lawyer, it is our job to determine where the fault lies. When other drivers speed, change lanes without signaling, make illegal turns, or engage in reckless behaviors, all drivers are at risk. 

Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents are defective motorcycle parts, drunk drivers, hazardous roads, and negligence while driving. 

Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer Near Me
Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer Near Me

When you hire our motorcycle accidents lawyer, we will work to determine why the accident happened, so we can file the appropriate personal injury claim. With our experience, passion, and skills negotiating and litigating, we can build a strong case to make sure you are taken care of now and in the future. Contact Eos Law today.