Trucking accidents in Arizona pose significant risks to road users and can have severe consequences. Due to the size and weight of commercial trucks, such as tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, and big rigs, these accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities. If you have been injured in this type of accident, or a loved one has died, contact our trucking accidents lawyer today for a free consultation. At Eos Law, we have the experience and passion to get you the compensation you deserve. Call today at (602) 825-3770. 

Trucking accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, including driver fatigue, speeding, distracted driving, inadequate vehicle maintenance, improper loading, and inclement weather conditions. Although specific statistics may vary year by year, the Arizona Department of Transportation’s Crash Facts report provides valuable insights into the overall trends and impact of trucking accidents in the state. In 2022, trucking accidents accounted for 7% of accidents in the state. In addition, there were about 200 fatalities as a result and about 5,000 injuries. 

Trucking accidents can have far-reaching consequences, affecting not only the individuals directly involved but also their families, as well as the communities they reside in. Efforts to mitigate the occurrence of trucking accidents in Arizona include promoting safe driving practices, enforcing regulations related to commercial truck operations, and conducting inspections and investigations to ensure compliance with safety standards.

If you or a family member were involved in a truck accident, it is essential that you have a qualified trucking accidents lawyer. Truck drivers and trucking companies are often insured for millions, so having someone on your side who knows exactly how things work will help make sure that any case against them goes smoothly. We have extensive experience pursuing justice for clients who have suffered short and long term physical and emotional injury from these types of accidents.

Trucking accidents can be incredibly dangerous to all involved

The trucking industry can be dangerous, especially when there are overworked drivers who often suffer from fatigue. A Harvard study found that 50% of professional drivers reported falling asleep at the wheel. In addition, investigators have determined that fatigue, unsafe or careless operation, improper loading, and poor vehicle maintenance have all contributed to trucking accidents. 

Trucking Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Trucking Accidents Lawyer Near Me
Trucking Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Trucking Accidents Lawyer Near Me

Highway accidents are some of the most devastating in nature. Injuries can be severe, permanent, and debilitating. Fatalities can be overwhelming and painful for those left behind. In every case, lives are changed forever when someone fails to uphold their duty of care in the manufacturing, maintenance, or operation of a vehicle that can weigh up to 40 tons.

At Eos Law, our trucking accident attorneys will handle your case with care and prevent further harm from coming to your family. We will pursue every path and exhaust every option to make sure you receive the compensation that will put you on the path to a brighter tomorrow. 

Trucking Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Trucking Accidents Lawyer Near Me
Trucking Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Trucking Accidents Lawyer Near Me

Trucking regulations

A tired truck driver may only need one mistake before lives are drastically changed. And any driver, during any time of the day may be affected. That is why there are Federal Laws regarding the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles. 

These regulations are spelled out in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR). Arizona recognizes and upholds the FMCSR, which requires trucks to adhere to a higher safety standard. These standards are about driver training, performance, work schedules, safety inspections, maintenance, and documentation of compliance. 

Trucking Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Trucking Accidents Lawyer Near Me
Trucking Accidents Lawyer | Eos Law | Trucking Accidents Lawyer Near Me

Our trucking accidents lawyer will help you pursue your personal injury claim

Under Arizona Law, different parties may be held liable. For example, if the company did not train the driver properly or ignored poor driver performance, they may be held liable. If there was a design flaw in the truck, the manufacturer could be held liable. If the driver was negligent by using a cellular phone, following too closely, or engaging in other hazardous actions, they can be held liable. 

Whatever the cause and whoever is responsible, our trucking accidents lawyers at Eos Law know how to and are willing to protect your rights. We will support you and make sure you are fully compensated for any suffering you or your loved ones have experienced. Contact Us Today for a free consultation.