Slip and fall accidents are common occurrences that can result in serious injuries and compensation claims. These accidents can happen in various settings, such as stores, restaurants, and public spaces, and can be caused by hazards like wet floors, uneven surfaces, or inadequate signage. If you want to pursue a legal claim, contact the slip and fall lawyer at Eos Law today. Call (602) 825-3770 and we will provide you with a free consultation. 

When it comes to compensation awarded in slip and fall cases in Arizona, the amount can vary greatly depending on the specific circumstances of each case. Factors such as the severity of the injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering endured by the victim are taken into account when determining the compensation to be awarded. 

It’s worth noting that slip and fall cases can be complex, and the outcome can depend on a variety of factors, including the establishment’s duty of care and whether negligence can be proven. It is advisable for individuals who have been injured in a slip and fall accident to consult with a slip and fall lawyer who can evaluate their case and provide guidance on the potential compensation they may be able to pursue. 

Common types of slip and fall accidents 

A slip and fall accident is any incident that occurs when someone slips, trips or falls due to the negligence of another person or entity. The most common causes of slip and fall accidents are:

  • Debris left on a floor – This can include objects such as food, paper or glass
  • Faulty repairs – When something was done incorrectly and not up to code
  • Repairs needed but not tended to – Someone has failed to repair a broken step, loose flooring, or other things that may cause accidents
  • Wet floors – This can happen wherever water accumulates on the ground, such as in a restroom or at an event where water was spilled

As you can imagine, these types of incidents are very common in Arizona and across the country. In fact, according to data from the Arizona Falls Prevention Coalition, there were about 135,000 emergency room visits for falls. In addition, there were around 1,100 deaths and $1.8 billion spent on fall related hospital costs. 

Unfortunately, many people experience serious injuries because of someone else’s negligence. Slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries such as: broken bones, concussions, internal bleeding, and spinal cord damage or paralysis.

In the event that you are involved in a slip and fall accident, you should seek medical attention immediately. These types of accidents can be costly and may have long-term effects on your life. In some cases, they can even lead to death. You deserve compensation for medical bills, ongoing care, lost wages, and additional damages and our slip and fall lawyer is here to help. We will do a thorough investigation of your case and help you pursue the best legal course of action.  

Slip and Fall Lawyer | Eos Law | Slip and Fall Lawyer Near Me
Slip and Fall Lawyer | Eos Law | Slip and Fall Lawyer Near Me
Slip and Fall Lawyer | Eos Law | Slip and Fall Lawyer Near Me
Slip and Fall Lawyer | Eos Law | Slip and Fall Lawyer Near Me
Slip and Fall Lawyer | Eos Law | Slip and Fall Lawyer Near Me
Slip and Fall Lawyer | Eos Law | Slip and Fall Lawyer Near Me

Our experienced slip and fall lawyer can help you 

Slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of personal injury claims in Arizona. And, they are most prevalent among the elderly population. These accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, from a grocery store to someone’s home during a party. Many times, slip and fall accidents happen due to the negligence or recklessness of another person. If you have been injured as a result of a slip and fall accident that occurred on someone else’s property, it may be in your best interest to speak with a slip and fall lawyer about your rights. 

At the law office of Eos Law, we understand the physical pain, mental anguish, financial strain, lost wages, and other issues that come with slip and fall accidents. We are here to give you sound legal advice while helping you pursue every available avenue toward compensation for your losses.